Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Time off

A few weeks ago Dieks and I headed up to Orting, WA to visit my aunties new house! This is her view from her hood. Isn't she pretty??? I love it there. 
Dozer had a PT session while we were there. He has no hip joints and no knees. He blew out his good acl after the right one was fixed. So instead of more surgery she opted for Therapy. He is doing great!!! Even kept up with Dieks! I also groomed the hell out of the boys. I'm not a pro but the Physical Therapist was very grateful for less hair to dry LOL.  
Dozer in front, Dieks and Hoffa in the back. 
Dieks had his first ice cream cone. LOVED the ice cream, but not he cone.  
Watchin over me in my bed.  
I haz want for Watermelon Auntie....give me sommmmeeeee.... (before grooming)
Dieks after a week of rest and a bath. He also took up football and it gives both of us a workout :).  

And last...a vid of dieks playing with the big dogs. (Dozer is the cow looking dog and hoffa all black)

Monday, March 17, 2014

Beautiful Sunday!

 Gotta love a beautiful day in the Bay Area. Dieks and I hit up Don Edwards Bird Sanctuary Sunday for a nice walk. Dogs are only allowed in the main part, but it was enough to poop both of us out!

 No more pics mom! Walk time!

 Ground squirrels will be mine!
 Happy Doggie!


Thursday, January 16, 2014


I decided NOT to make resolutions this year. I never keep them anyway ha! So some goals....

Make Dieks wear some cute stuff. I bought him a tie collar at the pet expo. They were super nice and helpful! I wish they had more vibrant ties, but I think Dieks wears his like a BOSS! http://www.canineties.com/

Take Dieks on more adventure trips with his new back pack. So far he is loving it!
Create new things. My friend ask me to make her son a Ninja turtle hat.
I have been drooling over pineapple stitches so I found a simple scarf pattern to try with the yarn I got from my auntie for Christmas

An Infinity scarf for my friend who lives in the cold. Tried a new technique of working between the V rather then in the top loop for single crochet.

And I FINALLY finished this damn kids sweater. I got bored with it about 6mo ago on the arms. But I finished it and will be putting a zipper on it. Awesome thing is I sold it! I'm so excited about that one lol.

So my goals for this year are....

Try new things
Make Dieks wear cute stuff
More Adventures with Dieks
Finish projects and do not let them sit!

My Current Projects
Baby Leg Warmers
Cabbage Patch hat
Guys Scarf
Shawl for me
Fingerless Gloves

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Projects and More

This Year I found a couple of hat patterns I fell in love with! Most of my friends and family received hats for the holidays :)

 Caught the boys snuggling! Say it isn't so!
 Infinity Scarf I made up on a whim one night. No Pattern just went with the flow and I love how it turned out!
 Oh to have a shaggy dog in the winter season. Dieks is getting great at staying on the towels until I can get his feet clean. On this morning I had to pull out a bucket with warm water to get him clean. Love my shaggy beast.

A little late, but Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Finished Projects

Super long scarf for my friend. Tunisian crochet 

Prayer shawl for a friends sister who has breast cancer

Ballet flats for a friends little girl

Tunisian Entrelac baby blanket.
Slowly but surely a Entrelac blanket for my Brother.

Shawl for my Granma's Birthday!

I've been busy. I'm currently working on the blanket for my brother, another baby blanket and a toddler sweater. THEN i have some fingerless gloves and hats on my list. I'm having fun doing all the baby stuff. I whipped up some minnie mouse outfits but neglected to get pics before i send them to their home.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Growing up

My little boy is not so little anymore! I took him into the vet to get weighed for his heart worm meds and he is now a whopping 43lbs! It seems just like yesterday he was only 27lbs of scruff. He is only about 7mo so it should be interesting to see how big he gets :)

He is doing wonderful in most areas of training. He loves going class and learning new things and he is a dream to walk on a flat collar. Only thing he doesn't like right now is his crate. I'm thinking of moving it into the living room. He has become very anti crate and even chewed on the wires. Maybe even use the plastic one instead. Luckily he does ok being left out in the house with the bathroom doors closed, but i really want him comfortable in the crate. I have a clicker and bought a few books and watched some crate training vids. So i'll see how it goes.